Using the Sync API in Kontent.ai

The Sync API from Kontent.ai optimises content synchronisation by providing content deltas from a specific point in time, alleviating API workload. It complements webhooks, enabling multiple applications to monitor content changes at flexible intervals. It allows us to track changes such as new language versions and content items, content model adjustments, workflow updates and basic content updates.

Seamless Rich-Text Content Migration: Transforming Inline Images into Kontent.ai Assets

Are you facing the daunting task of migrating your website's rich-text content from an existing CMS to Kontent.ai? Look no further! In my latest blog post, I'll show you a solution that simplifies the process, specifically on the intricate task of relocating inline images seamlessly into the Kontent.ai Asset library.

Changing Element Types in Kontent.ai

Changing an element type typically existing content to be migrated from one type to another in both published and unpublished scenarios.

Custom Elements Context in Kontent.ai

Custom elements help you to enhance the Kontent.ai experience with the tools you need to integrate with external parties and add features to your solution. Here we explore how to access the context of your custom element's content item.

Reacting to Element Changes in Kontent.ai

Custom elements help you to enhance the Kontent.ai experience with the tools you need to integrate with external parties and add features to your solution. Here we explore reacting to changes in the value of elements within your content items.

Creating a Simple Custom Element for Kontent.ai

Custom elements give us the ability to blend the content that we manage with external sources to tailor integrations to suit our needs. In this article, I'll explore the basics of how we can make this work.

Getting the latest content

The Kontent.ai delivery API enables us to retrieve content from the CMS easily. For content that updates regularly, via the management API or frequent content updates it also provides a way to ensure that the content being retrieved is not stale. It's an easy feature to use so long as you know how and when to use it.

How to Bulk Update Content Types in Kontent by Kentico

Mature projects in any CMS will have a large number of content types. Maintaining those with scripts makes changes to that model more repeatable, but it can be overwhelming if you need to update a lot of types. You can leverage the management API in Kontent by Kentico to update multiple content types in a single script to lessen your workload.

Prepared with what you need to succeed with Kontent in .NET?

How do you find the resources that your development team will need to get up and running with Kentico Kontent in .NET?

Returning to .NET

I've had a website built in Gatsby for a while now, but I really did miss having it in .NET. Here's how and why I moved to a .NET static-site instead of Gatsby.

The Unhandled Exception Podcast: Kentico Kontent Headless CMS and JAMStack


Dan Clarke and I took some time out to talk about Kentico Kontent, JAMStack, and .NET Oxford as well as a few other topics

Using Kentico Kontent in LINQPad


LINQPad is a great way to quickly try out .NET snippets of code. In this video, I'll show you how to use Kentico Kontent's Delivery SDK with LINQPad to quickly check out your content models without usual the ceremony of setting up a new project.

Using Preview in Kentico Kontent on your Local Development Site


See how you can share your local development environment with your remote team using ngrok, enabling your content team to preview new features before they are committed.

Use Headless CMS And Be Awesome


Take a look at what the headless CMS is and why you should consider it for your team.

Keeping your keys safe in JAMStack


Working with Kentico Kontent and Gatsby has been a nice learning curve for me, as I pick up and build upon my front-end developer skillset. You can end up taking quite a lot for granted when you're working with .NET. Securing your calls to an API can be one of these things, as you add things like API keys to your .config files and make sure that you don't push those files into your git repo.

MMT & GatsbyJS Meetup

About this time last week, I'd just published a post about moving to Gatsby from .NET Core for my own personal site and was walking to a Gatsby meetup in central London.

Moving from ASP.NET Core to Gatsby

There is no escaping the amount of traction that static site generators and JAMStack are getting these days. As a traditional .NET developer, you may feel that your skillset doesn’t contain the things you need to jump on this bandwagon and make the most of the benefits available. But is it really that difficult to get up and running with a new stack?

Kentico Connection 2019 (Brno) Review

If you hadn’t noticed, Kentico Connection came back last year, and this year’s Connection season kicked off in Kentico’s beautiful home-city of Brno. Having missed last years event in Prague, this was the first time I’ve been to a Connection event that hasn’t been focused on a product release, so the messaging was a little different to what I’ve been used to and focussed more on the direction that the demands on the market are heading and how those demands are helping to influence the direction of both Kentico EMS and Kontent.

Talk: Chatting with data

I was fortunate enough to speak at September's .NET Oxford event this year about chatbots. More specifically an exploration of the key concepts of taking a pre-existing source of data and using a chatbot to surface this to a user in a new way.

Azure search: a beginner's guide

In the .NET Oxford June meetup, I presented a beginners guide to Azure search for developers have not had time to look into it yet and may not know where to start. The intention was to show just how easy it can be!

Importing Content into Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud provides a simple clean interface for defining and creating content that can be consumed by multiple channels. Quite often you’ll have a lot of your content in a digital format at the beginning of your project, and - depending on how much there is - this content can be time consuming to enter.

Switching on AMP

AMP aims to deliver super-fast content for mobile websites. You've decided that you really need it; how do you do turn AMP on? In this post i'll walk through a method I've been experimenting with to deliver alternative AMP views in ASP.NET MVC with the Kentico Cloud sample site.

Reading list - February 2018

February has been busy (so much so that that I've not published anything since my January reading list). What spare time I have had has been spent planning further features for my website. During that planning, these are article that I found quite useful.

Why I rebuilt my blog in Kentico Cloud

Rebuilding my blog in Kentico Cloud has been something that I have been planning to do for a good few months now. Having not really had the opportunity while trying to balance work with a hectic family life, Christmas and New Year 2017 afforded me some time to get my teeth into this project and to start adding some of the features and foundations that I wanted to really build this project up. This post is all about the things I learned along the way.

Content is everything and everything is content

'Content is King', that's the saying these days isn't it? As web solution providers we strive to find better ways to manage content and present it to end users. As headless CMSs grow in popularity, do we need to rethink what qualifies as being content?

Kentico in technology partnership with Ucommerce

Today Kentico and Ucommerce announced their new technology partnership that delivers an additional enterprise-level eCommerce platform to the set of tools at our disposal.  What does this mean and how does it affect existing and in-flight projects?

Kentico London Roadshow

Kentico has moved away from their larger 404/Connection Conferences to smaller, regional road-shows. One of the advantages to this is that it opens up the event to more regional partners and customers. For the Ridgeway team, that also means it's easier to get more of the team involved in these events. because of that, three of us took a trip down to London to check it out.

Reading List - March 2017

Each month, I go through my browser history to look at the posts and articles that I have read. It seems like it may be worth sharing these to help spread the love!

Building a blog in Kentico Cloud - Part 3

This third post in my series that explores some of the core capabilities of Kentico Cloud based on short pomodoro-size bursts of effort. This post explores RSS feeds and sitemaps as well as correcting the mime type of media files.

Building a blog in Kentico Cloud - Part 2

The second part in my series of posts about creating a new blog site using Kentico Cloud.

Building a blog in Kentico Cloud

With the release of Kentico Cloud, I felt like it was time for me to have a look around and see what I could achieve with Kentico's new headless CMS. My MVC is a little rusty too; this should be an entertaining challenge.